With an aim to execute the qualities of human being to serve humanity Peace Homeopathic Health Foundation (PHHF) has been formed that comprises of experienced and well known homeopathic doctors.

PHHF has taken several practical steps like, lecture programmes, medical camps, latest research programmes , health festivals , lending Qarz-e- Hasna (without interest) to homeopathic doctors, up-gradation of clinics, spreading awareness about diseases, and acquire guidelines from senior doctors, arrangements of walk on international occasion related to medicine and educating it’s members by using multimedia and print media formats.

Collaborations with other institutes, providing knowledge to students & doctors and mergers with pharmacies are same other notable steps that will be taken by this platform. In a very short time PHHF has proved its worth.

In order to eradicate poverty and illiteracy in Pakistan, Peace Homoeopathic Health Foundation has very carefully formulated the list of its objectives which include helping the people suffering from natural disorders like floods and earthquakes, helping people financially providing guidance related to law, provision of human rights, and educating people about religious and social values is an added responsibility of this foundation.